10th Planet Standout & King Of The Mat Champion Kyle Boehm Has Earned His Black Belt

Kyle Boehm of 10th Planet Phoenix has been quietly building an impressive resume in BJJ as a brown belt for a couple years now, but now, he’s going to be right at home amongst the other black belts he’s so used to competing against.

Boehm, who last weekend won $10,000 after becoming the King of the Mat champion, has been training at 10th Planet Phoenix for about five years. Since that time, he’s established himself as a serious force to be reckoned with, winning at prestigious events like the Onnit Invitational.

10th Planet Phoenix celebrated Boehm’s promotion with a post on social media sharing the special moment:

Boehm is among the competitors set to battle it out at the upcoming BJJ Fanatics Sub-Only Grand Prix, where he’ll have the chance to earn another $10,000 if he wins it all. He’s no stranger to defeating black belts, but now, he’ll have an even bigger target on his back.


Congratulations, Kyle!

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