5 Most Important Escapes For Whitebelts


Jiu-jitsu Times A Reader Question: “Should I Just Concentrate on Escapes For My First Year?

A Jiu-jitsu Times reader asked me to write an article on the most important escapes that a beginning student needs to learn.

Observing a mat full of students rolling in class I see these positions most commonly causing problems for new students.
Here are video tutorials of the 5 Most Important Escapes For Whitebelts

1) Headlock / Scarf Hold on the Ground
Stephan Kesting of Grapplearts shows the technical way to escape a big, strong guy squeezing your head and pinning you to the ground.
This is a very common attack both from untrained strong guys and the more technical “scarf hold” or kesagatame from judo.


2) Side Control Escape
This is such a major problem for new students that Jiu-jitsu Times did an entire article on just this positional escape.
Getting Stuck In Side Control? How To Escape
Here is another look at this MUST KNOW escape from instructor Roy Dean. Lots of details!



  1. Side control. When a big strong guy is on top it’s the worst. Latley I’ve been letting them mount and then I just bridge and sweep them.

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