Apparently You Can Knock Someone Out By Hitting Them On The Arm

Source: Facebook, Mcdojolife

Do you know the KO Kyusho Jitsu on the arm strike? If not, you should, because it could save your life.

In this video, Grand Master Paul Bowman shows you how to knock someone out…by hitting the person’s arm.

Watch how the Grand Master’s opponent — who is clearly not an actor — drops to the ground immediately after being hit in his arm.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am dead serious when I say this: quit jiu-jitsu (or whatever martial art you study) and get involved with Paul Bowman or a Paul Bowman affiliated school. It could — no, it will — save your life!


The Jiu-Jitsu Times has not been paid by Paul Bowman to say any of this.


His name is GrandMaster Paul Bowman and this is his #McDojoLife

Posted by Mcdojolife on Sunday, May 27, 2018

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