1. Hey mister Aaron cruze don’t talk **** the kid was taller and a littler bigger the kick threw good kicks other kid gave up didn’t he so watch what u say or talking to ***** cuz I will for sure beat that *** *****

  2. Note: fights like this are a special kind of stupid.
    Both participants were stupid.

    -no money.
    -possibly injuries even death (no medics present)
    -no trained ref to stop the guy from maiming you when you are out.
    -hard pavement, a slam or knockout can result in injury, broken spine, death etc.
    -you might injure your opponent and get arrested for fighting (this was NOT a sanctioned event).
    -stuff gets video taped so everybody will know you were involved.
    -rowdy crowd: chances are you get attacked by the friends of your opponent when you are winning.

    So on… so on

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