Southern California Get an Immersion Camp to Remember

I have seen BJJ immersion camps that range the full spectrum from stay in a hotel next to school ABC and train for a week to fly to Tahiti, stay in a 5 star hotel and drop $10,000-20,000 on a week of training. There are a few local immersion camps that are priced reasonably and bring in several top class instructors. BJJ Globetrotter has been doing this for a few years. But in Southern California, which has historically been a hub of BJJ, there haven’t been anything of that caliber of camp.

While, Southern California is a hub for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, it has many affiliations, teams, and lineages and the art has become very divided. The “us vs them” mentality is not healthy for the BJJ community as a whole.

The BJJ Mountain Immersion Camp is not part of any organization or affiliation so is completely unaffected by BJJ political BS. No matter who you train with or your rank, you will be welcomed as an equal on the mats.

During this first annual BJJ Mountain Immersion Camp, we hope to make some new friends while getting to share the mat with some amazing talent. We invite you to join us on the mat, in the mountains and help unite the BJJ community.


The confirmed instructor list outstanding:
Joe Moreira, 8th degree coral belt
Ryron Gracie, 5th degree black belt
Roy Dean, 3rd degree black belt
Raul Montolfo, 2nd degree black belt
Louie Cercedez, 2nd degree black belt


Training is open to all skill levels, schools, and affiliations. We simply ask that you leave the bias at home.


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