Support Local Fight Shops !

All too often I find myself searching the internet for new gear on both direct websites and other sites like amazon. However there is...

Only Girls Who Lift Will Understand This Video

Who can relate? Post by BuzzFeed Video.

Crossfit; It can help with BJJ.

Writing this article, I already know I am going to get a variety of what I am assuming will be, negative responses.  I want...

Video: CrossFit Self Defense Is Best Avoided

CrossFit self defense exists, and people seem think it's a smart idea. Opinions differ on CrossFit, but not everyone's convinced about its benefits. Without...

Crossfit Practitioner Suffers Heart Attack While Working Out

CrossFit is fast gaining popularity as a fitness regiment that can give practitioners fast results. However, like all strenuous forms of exercise, there is...

Nathan Mendelsohn And The Language Of Jiu Jitsu

As a blue belt in 2007, Nathan Mendelsohn traveled to Brazil, excited to compete in the World Championships.  To his surprise, the competition was...

5 Things We Can Learn From Watching The Miyao Brothers

So, if you want to know what it takes to be high level in BJJ, sometimes it is best to examine closely what the...
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