Guy Heel Hooks Himself

We know, we know...this must be an April Fools' joke. After all, there are still plenty more hours in the day. Well, see for yourself:

Carlson Gracie San Sebastian Student Goes Crazy At Gym

A Carlson Gracie San Sebastian white belt completely lost it at a gym a Puerto Rican gym. The man, identified as Miguel Vala by BJJ...

An Aggressive Chicago Beggar Meets Clark Gracie

In this skit, an aggressive Chicago begger (played by BJJ black belt Idriz Redzovic) tries to get money from Carlos Gracie's grandson, Clark Gracie. Though...

Selfie Defense with Master Ken

Funny Video by Master Ken EnterTheDojoShow

Types of BJJ Rollers, Which One Are You?

Deadly Armbar Escape By Master Ken

Master Ken and Todd demonstrate how to escape the BJJ armbar Do not try this at home!

Renzo Gracie – Best and Funniest Moments

Guy Tries To Demonstrate Move, Gets Humiliated

Here's a little word of advice to all of you future martial arts instructors out there: if you decide to demonstrate a move, make...