3 Things I Re-Learned At The 2016 Worlds

Last weekend, I had the great experience of competing at the world championships for the first time. Being a purple belt and competing at...

Why Californian Athletes Do It Better (worlds/pans/California based tournaments)

Have you noticed that athletes from California tend to do pretty well at The World Championships? I am sure you have, I mean it’s...

Rafael Mendes Crazy Triangle To Armbar At Worlds 2016

Rafael Mendes defeats Osvaldo by armbar to make it to the finals

IBJJF Worlds 2016 Full Result Recap

The jiu jitsu competition to end all jiu jitsu competitions is over, and it duly delivered -- showcasing the world's best BJJ exponents. This...

3 Reasons Not To Compete

Anyone who knows me or has read a few of my blogs knows that I am a huge advocate of competing in BJJ tournaments....

The IBJJF 8 Man Invitational With $50,000 Cash Prize

There are a plethora of tournaments in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but a new tournament that will be taking place this coming July...

Upper Belt Promotions in BJJ

By William F. Murphy, Ph.D.,IBJJF Black Belt 3rd Degree, USJA San Dan Judo Promotions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are tricky. It usually takes between 8 to 12...

What The Success Of EBI 6 On UFC Fight Pass Means...

In five to ten years, fans and practitioners of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling will look back on EBI 6 as the landmark event that changed...

Rafael Mendes Vs Issac Doederlein At San Antonio Open 2016

Earlier today Rafael Mendes went up against Issac Doederlein at San Antonio Open 2016 Feather Weight Semi Finals

Excuses People Make For Losing

Lets face it, competition is hard! Competition is so dam hard, and most people don’t even realize it . We spend weeks months and...