12 Must Know Harai Goshi Setups

Video By BeyondGrappling https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDhLjnI1l44

Judo Olympian Matt D’Aquino: Four Best Takedowns For BJJ

You'll probably remember Matt D’Aquino - the judo Olympian and third degree judo black belt from my last interview. Matt has been studying judo...

Judo Olympian, Matt D’Aquino, On Adapting Judo For BJJ

Meet Matt D’Aquino, an Olympian and third-degree black belt in judo. Studying Japan's "soft way" for over 23 years, Matt also has competed in...

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Judo Vs Wrestling Grappling Match


Judo Demonstration On Polish Talent Show

Judo made its way onto the Polish talent show, Mam Talent! For those of you who didn't think you could do judo without touching your...

Learning The Mexican Judo

Funny Video by Voto Studios