Karate Student Challenges His Sensei And Immediately Regrets It

A sponsored MMA fighter thought he could take on his older master, but boy, was he wrong. In this video, Master Omar El teaches...

13-year-old Georges St-Pierre Kyokushin Karate Demo


Meet Kenya’s Karate Grannies – Learning How To Defend Themselves From...

The number of sex offenses in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya has skyrocketed to alarming new highs. An unlikely group of brave senior citizens...

Adaptation Of Karate To Groundfighting


Black Belt Kid Vs. White Belt Adults

How would an adult with a white belt do against a kid with a black belt?  Watch the video to find out. | Video...

How To Blow A Birthday Candle The Machida Way

How Lyoto Machida's Father Yoshizo Machida Blows Out His Birthday Candle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh3aD-TVnXA

No Rules Challenge – Jiu-Jitsu Vs Karate


Blackbelt Kyokushin Karate vs Muay Thai


Martial Arts: Guiding Principles

Hey, you train MMA? Well, I don't, and I do, like it when people ask me aforementioned question. Why, you ask? Because...

Don’t Misinterpret Beginners Class Coach’s Actions as Sexist

I came across a Vice article titled "Why Women Need Self-Defense Classes of Their Own," by Meg Mankins, which details the sexism she encountered...
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