Five Effective Solo Drills for Lonely Grapplers Without Friends

When everyone else is too tired, too hungover, or too married with kids to train a solo grappler can feel out of...

Shaolin Monk KO A World Taekwondo Champion

This is an old footage but it's still fun to watch

Killer Post-BJJ Conditioning Exercise with Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass recently shared a short video of an all-over body exercise that he's added to his post-BJJ training routine.  He has shared with...

BJJ Scout, Jack Slack, and Lawrence Kenshin Start a Joint Website...

BJJ Scout, Jack Slack, and Lawrence Kenshin have the best MMA breakdowns in the business. That's no secret. However, a few things regarding them have...

Martial Arts: Guiding Principles

Hey, you train MMA? Well, I don't, and I do, like it when people ask me aforementioned question. Why, you ask? Because...

Black Belt In McDojo


A Harsh Reality Check: Tai Chi Master Going Against MMA Fighter...


Vintage Footage Of Bruce Lee Training

1 A very old footage of Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do Full Training Film

Watch The Funniest Martial Arts Self-Defense Techniques

0 Video by:JerryLiuFilms | 刘悦 | LiuTube
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