Shaolin Monk KO A World Taekwondo Champion

This is an old footage but it's still fun to watch

Video: Steven Seagal Doing Martial Art Seminar In Russia

Aikido master Steven Seagal doing seminar in Russia. Despite of all the judgement against him, Steven Seagal is a 7th-dan black belt in Aikido and also  he...

The Yoga Intervention Part 2: On the Rocks

This is the second installment in a series of articles that will attempt to document my experience utilizing the Yoga for BJJ program designed...

Five Effective Solo Drills for Lonely Grapplers Without Friends

When everyone else is too tired, too hungover, or too married with kids to train a solo grappler can feel out of...

Great Comeback Armbar From Legacy FC 38 Event

Dave Burrow vs Anthony Njokuani Dave Burrow with a great comeback after getting hammered by Anthony Njokuani for 2 rounds, Burrow came back with a slick armbar to...

Pakistan Grappling Challenge Recap

Pakistan Grappling Challenge Recap I got a chance to chat with ONE FC fighter and Pakistan's MMA pioneer Bashir Ahmad of PAKMMA and Synergy MMA...
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