Uchi Mata Ankle Pick to Armbar In MMA Fight

Uchi Mata ankle pick to Armbar Watch how Dustin Hazelett finished his fight against Josh Burkman

Technique Thursday: Throw from the Russian Tie-Up

The Russian tie-up is a staple of every good wrestler. The set ups and takedowns from this position are easy to nail due to...

Technique Thursday: Get the Takedown from off the of Wall

A few weeks ago, we interviewed James Clingerman from Indiana. Today, we’ll share his most recent instructional video with you. This one’s for you MMA...

Why Champions are the Biggest Losers You’ll Ever See

First we’ll discuss the aspects of loss, followed by how to overcome those challenges. All champions are losers. They all know that they’re losers. Just...

Technique Thursday: Rousey VS Davis Preview

With Ronda Rousey preparing to fight Alexis Davis this weekend, it’s only natural that we take a look at the two and their grappling...

Technique Thursday: Judo Throw Like Ronda

Who hasn’t ever wanted to throw like UFC Women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey? It’s perfection. Whether or not you are a fan of Ronda...

The Dolce Diet: Does it Actually Work?

Mike Dolce is the UFC Fit coach, and a nutritionist to some very high level combat sport athletes.However, it wasn’t long ago that at...

Technique Thursday: The Heart Grip

I normally reserve Thursday for a technique of the week, but today is a rare exception. Recently, Jens Pulver, former UFC Lightweight Champion, took...

Gaining a Warrior’s Mindset

You’ll hear the idea of having a warrior mindset tossed around here and there in martial arts. But what is it? How does a...

Are You Setting Goals?

Allow me to be blunt for a moment when I say, don’t you dare sit back and tell me that this isn’t important, or...
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