BJJ Street Fight Breakdown: The Cheeseburger Incident, Under Hooks and Americana...

The page views, shares and comments for the first two editions of BJJ Street Fight Breakdown were way bigger than I could have imagined....

The Best Form of Self Defense is to Walk Away

Last week, a video surfaced of an Alliance Minnesota Purple Belt who was sucker punched after a pick-up basketball game at a YMCA. The...

BJJ Street Fight Breakdown: Episode 1

What can I say? I love to watch street fights on youtube.com and Worldstarhiphop.com. My reasons for watching street fights ranges from pure entertainment...

Young Punk Got Knocked Out By An Old Guy On The...

44 Year old man showing some young punk who's boss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Puc9Q1SMIo4

Rear Naked Choke On Street

Why is everyone freaking out when he gently put the other guy to sleep Post by Ghetto fights & Crazy videos.

Rear Naked Choke On Street Fight

Rear Naked Choke On Street Fight

3 Techniques to Close the Distance in a Street Fight

3 Ways to Close the Distance in a Streetfight
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