Ninja Move Of The Day: North / South Americana Shoulder Lock

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Video: Introducing The Web Guard

0 Video by: Tristar Gym

Kneebar to a Rolling Toe Hold

After this past weekend's Matamoris event in which Josh Barnett tapped out Ryron Gracie with a toe hold, it seemed appropriate to review some...

Video: Prevent Your Opponent’s Double Under Pass

0 Video by: Jason Scully

Split Pass Part 2: The Cradle

Last week, Big Guy BJJ introduced us to the Split Pass with this video. This week, they gave us a new variation to use on...

Inverted Triangle Setup For Gi And No-Gi

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Ninja Move Of The Day “Grapefruit Choke”

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The Split Pass

Being stuck in the knee-shield can be a frustrating thing. Not only does it make it more difficult to pass, it gives your opponent...

52 Triangle Choke Set Ups In 8 minutes

triangle chokes

Kron Gracie’s Loop Choke, Cross Collar Choke And Armbar Breakdown

0 Video breakdown of Kron's  Loop Choke, Cross Collar Choke And Armbar video by: InnerBJJ