Gracie University To Suspend Affiliation Fees For Schools Closing Their Doors

https://youtu.be/gKadQzYmq7w The novel Corona Virus is affecting all sectors of the economy, jiu-jitsu included. Many schools are proactively deciding to close their doors as a...

Josh “Starlord” Leduc Goes Hard On Sub Stars And The IBJJF

This week’s JJT Podcast episode disentangles the recent SubStars catastrophe and the IBJJF’s decision to ban the BJJ Globetrotters organization. Our featured...

A Night Out At The Comedy Store With Eddie Bravo

A long line of people trail around the corner of Sunset Boulevard, many of them dressed to impress on a seemingly inconspicous Tuesday night. The...

Viral Bullying Victim Gets One Week Bullyproof Training, Watch His Incredible...

A few months back, a video surfaced on the internet where a grade-schooler Luis had been the victim of a one-sided bullying episode. The...

Mendes Brothers Announce They Are Leaving The Atos Association

Rafa and Gui Mendes have announced that they will no longer be representing the Atos affiliation beginning this year.

The Numerical “Punch Power Scale” And Why Jiu-Jitsu Works

In a standard 10 minute intro class under the Gracie family, the first move that is taught is the trap and roll escape. Within...
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