Technique Thursday: Throw from the Russian Tie-Up

The Russian tie-up is a staple of every good wrestler. The set ups and takedowns from this position are easy to nail due to...

Technique Thursday: Get the Takedown from off the of Wall

A few weeks ago, we interviewed James Clingerman from Indiana. Today, we’ll share his most recent instructional video with you. This one’s for you MMA...

Homeless 6 Years Old Kid With No Legs Wrestler Warrior

Such an inspirational kid!

Technique Thursday: Rousey VS Davis Preview

With Ronda Rousey preparing to fight Alexis Davis this weekend, it’s only natural that we take a look at the two and their grappling...

Technique Thursday: Olympic Level Wrestling

The double leg is one of the first takedowns that a person learns. It’s also one of the easiest to mess up on. In...

Are You Setting Goals?

Allow me to be blunt for a moment when I say, don’t you dare sit back and tell me that this isn’t important, or...

Technique Thursday: Blast Double

An essential takedown for MMA, this one cannot be overlooked. This is also a takedown seen in heavier weight classes in both wrestling and...

An Open Letter to Competition

Dear Competition, I hate you. But I love you too. It’s very confusing, the way our relationship works. See, when I lie in bed trying to...

Technique Thursday: If You Don’t Know the Arm Drag, You’re Screwed

The arm drag is a simple, yet highly effective technique that gets overlooked entirely too often. Its applications are almost endless. The arm drag...

Technique Thursday: Low Single

Note: I approach this technique from a heavyweight perspective, but it is applicable to all weight classes and body-types. As a wrestling heavyweight, and a...
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