Colby Covington Delivers Dominant UFC Victory Over Robbie Lawler

After a solid week of pre-fight trash talk Colby Covington and Robbie Lawler have squared off in the UFC Newark cage–and “Chaos” Covington is the clear victor. Judges gave the fighter his definitive welterweight win over Lawler after five rounds, during which Covington displayed impressive cardio, persistent takedown attempts, and threw a lot of strikes.

He did miss this finish though:

Beating Lawler brings Covington to a seven fight winning streak, and positions him as the number one contender to challenge Usman for the belt. His record currently stands at 15-1-0.


He followed the victory with some very Covingtonish mic chatter.

“Let’s talk about the lesson we learned tonight,” said Colby in front of the crowd. “It’s a strong lesson that Robbie should’ve learned from his good buddy Matt Hughes: You stay off the tracks when the train is coming through, junior. Don’t matter if it’s the Trump train or the Colby train, get out the way!” That final line was a nod to Trump’s sons cheering him on from the front row. (Trump Sr. and Covington have a totally predictable bromance going currently.)


Enjoy hearing a lot more of this over the coming months:

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