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Costa Rican BJJ School Donates 100k Meals to Those in Need

When you name your gym “Hero Academy,” I suppose you’re bound to attract heroic individuals.

Costa Rican non-profit BJJ academy Hero Academy has just finished delivering 100 thousand bags of food to needed communities in the Tamarindo area. The academy, founded to provide low-cost and free martial arts instruction to children in Costa Rica, announced the news in a Facebook post to their page earlier last week.

Operating in an area of extreme poverty, Hero Academy seeks to give children the gift of Jiu-Jitsu as a form of stress relief and physical enrichment. Founded in 2016, the academia currently has over 150 children training either at reduced cost or completely free. The organization also engages in charity work such as food delivery, seeking to improve the lives of everyone in the area.

As 2020 continues to kick us all in the teeth, stories like this are great reminders of how wonderful people can be to each other.

more info on Hero Academy can be found here.

Kevin Bradley

Jiu-Jitsu Times Reporter and cohost of the JTT Podcast. Blue belt under Edward "Scissor Hands" Berberich of Soulcraft BJJ. Kevin has been training BJJ for four years and complaining about Star Wars for over 20. Now contributing opinion pieces and gi reviews to Follow him on Instagram @kbrads_bjj

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