D1 Wrestler Gets Rough In Beginner Class And Asks For Tougher Challenge, Gets What He Asks For

A classic Gracie Challenge was recently issued at a Gracie Certified Training Center in Atlanta. A division 1 wrestler is claimed to have gotten rough with a grappling novice during a beginner’s class, leading him to allegedly ask for a more difficult roll. The head instructors decided to grant his request. Fortunately for the greater viewing audience, the camera’s happened to be on.

As per standard legal documentation, most academies include a clause in their waivers that grant them the right to use any video of the client’s encounter for promotional or educational purposes. At the very least, this certainly falls in the latter category.

To the educated viewer, there is reasonable doubt to believe that the D1 wrestler has ever previously attended a jiu-jitsu class or worn a gi in his life. While he displays a leg base consistent with that of a wrestler, demonstrating a strong resistance to low or even mid-level sweeps, there appears to be minimal knowledge of guard passing or side mount control. The blue belt in this video displays a far superior understanding of the idea of neck exposure, repeatedly attacking the neck successfully with an array of loop chokes. When the two start from the feet, the wrestler naturally shows a knack for snatching a leg however grows impatient and confused as the jiu-jitsu grappler pulls guard.

The entire video is a testament as to the efficiency of jiu-jitsu particularly against someone who does not have any exposure to the art, even if they have extensive grappling experience.

Check out the narrated roll from the security footage below.


205-lb D1 wrestler showed up to our CTC in Atlanta, got a little rough in the beginners class, and asked to spar with someone. Uncle Eddie gave him a 150-lb blue belt. Enjoy. In Atlanta? Go to Gracie Atlanta. Rest of the world find a school at: GracieUniversity.com

Posted by Gracie Breakdown on Friday, June 7, 2019


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