National outrage and shock grows as facts surrounding the George Floyd case continue to come out.

A dissonance in police protocol is drawing unilateral criticism for allowing one of the offending officers to keep a knee on Floyd’s neck well beyond the point of unconsciousness, primarily due to the ethical implications that stretch beyond the scope of excessive use of force.

One thing appears to be certain; this was less a tactical issue than it was a moral issue.

In a slight departure from typical Gracie Breakdowns, Rener Gracie is joined by Officer Ryan Tillman, founder of Breaking Barriers United, an organization geared towards bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. Tillman discusses the legal and moral implications this presents, calling for fellow officers to condemn these actions despite a culture where they typically defend one another within the community. The two engage in a wide ranging discussion on how this event can be avoidable on multiple levels, recognition of the challenges that modern police officers face, as well as a fair evaluation of how the video looks in the court of public opinion.

Check it out below:

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