Eddie Bravo Says Ronda Rousey Should Have Tried A Flying Guard Pull

Ronda Rousey is fight now on a two-fight losing streak. Both fights ended with her getting knocked out.

But would she have been more successful in those fights if she had utilized a flying guard pull.

Eddie Bravo thinks so.  Bravo was on The Joe Rogan Experience talking to his good friend and student, Joe Rogan, about how Ronda’s last two fights could have gone differently if she had backed up her judo with more guard pulling:

“Imagine if Ronda Rousey decided to, on the girls she couldn’t throw or take down, Plan B is a flying guard pull,” Bravo said. “She had the guard for it. She has an amazing guard, an amazing armbar from the guard. Her plan should have been, in my opinion, to get the fight to the ground, try to be on top, try to use your judo. If that didn’t work, we have to go to pulling guard.”

Rogan disagreed.


“The problem with someone like Amanda Nunes is that’s not going to happen,” he responded. “I think you’re going to get eaten up with punches if you try to get close. Amanda’s got some long a** arms.”

Would the fights have ended up differently if Ronda Rousey had done what Eddie Bravo said she should have done? Unfortunately, as with any speculation about past events, we will never know.

Check out Bravo’s talk with Joe Rogan below:


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