As Far As We Can Tell, Eddie Bravo’s Combat Jiu-Jitsu Was A Success

Combat Jiu-Jitsu

In an interview with Champions, the Eddie Bravo Invitational’s eponymous founder said of last Sunday’s first combat jiu-jitsu event: “It turned out better than I thought it would.”

In case you missed EBI 11 and all of the hype leading up to it, combat jiu-jitsu is a new form of combat sport that adds open-handled slaps to grappling.

You can watch a short clip of it below:


So far, the evidence seems to support Eddie Bravo’s claim that combat jiu-jitsu was, indeed, a success.


A recent poll by FloGrappling showed at the time of this writing that 65.73 percent of people liked the event and responded “Sign me up for more slaps!” A little under 24 percent said they weren’t into it, and a little more than 10 percent said they could go either way.

One big name in the mixed martial arts community also showed his support. Cub Swanson – the #6 featherweight in the world – tweeted that he was excited to watch combat jiu-jitsu at the Eddie Bravo Invitational:

Fans on Twitter also applauded the event:


While any statistician will tell you these results have to be taken with a pinch of salt, the limited information the Brazilian jiu-jitsu community has suggests that combat jiu-jitsu is a success.

What did you think of combat jiu-jitsu? Should other grappling organizations follow in EBI’s footsteps?

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