Frankie Edgar Wants To Take On McGregor Back To Back For The Belt


is a former UFC Lightweight Champion and he previously challenged for the UFC Featherweight Title, but he has a new goal in mind. That new goal is that Frankie Edgar wants to take both titles from McGregor back-to-back, although McGregor is currently just the holder of the UFC Featherweight Title. McGregor is set to challenge Rafael Dos Anjos for the UFC Lightweight Title at UFC 197 this coming March.

Frankie Edgar told FOX Sports:

“I think that is the biggest fight, I think that’s the fight most people are interested in seeing and I’m hoping the UFC does the right thing and books me and Conor for UFC 200.”

“We can do it back-to-back and that will be UFC 204 or whatever, that would be the next biggest fight. I’m game. If they let me get my hands on him once, I’ll definitely re-do it.”

“I’m hoping I get to fight on the biggest card in UFC history and make history by winning two titles,” Edgar said. “I will be there March 5 and maybe I’ll have to parachute my ass into that Octagon, they can’t get me out of there.”


McGregor would need to capture the lightweight championship in order for Edgar to accomplish his far reaching goal. Edgar is currently on the sidelines as McGregor faces Dos Anjos this March, he last knocked out Chad Mendes at the UFC Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale. Edgar has already accomplished a lot in his professional MMA career and if he is somehow able to pull out two straight victories over McGregor, than he could be considered the greatest MMA fighter of all time.

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