Gordon Ryan Offers A Free Private Lesson To Anyone Who Can Find A Masters 7 Purple Belt Woman Willing To Compete At Masters World’s

Gordon Ryan Betty Broadhurst

Gordon Ryan is often criticized as brash, sometimes even arrogant, but those who know him speak highly of his moral character.

This Morning, the self proclaimed king and ADCC champ made an extremely generous offer to the jiu-jitsu community:

Any of my fans interested in a private lesson with me? If you have a teammate, friend, sister, or Mom who is a Master 7…

Posted by Gordon Ryan on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

it can be difficult for masters competitors, especially high ranked women, to find opponents of the same age and weight.  Broadhurst, a successful and active competitor, has been featured here before, rolling with Ryan’s friend and mentor Tom DeBlass.

Tom DeBlass Rolling With A 60 Years Old Purple Belt After Seminar! No Excuse

Because of his success as a competitor, private lessons with Gordon Ryan are highly sought after, so we can only hope that this helps find an opponent for Betty to compete against!

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