Result: Gordon Ryan Submits Bo Nickal In 3rd Coast Grappling III Main Event

The highly anticipated main event for 3rd Coast Grappling III is over, and now, we know the result of the exciting, fast-paced match between Gordon Ryan and wrestler Bo Nickal. The match took place under modified 3CG rules, with no guard pulls or leg locks allowed.

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Bo said ☝️ @nobickal1

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Knowing that he couldn’t pull guard under the modified 3CG rules, Ryan opted to rely on scissor takedowns to bring Nickal to the ground and attempt to get on top. However, Nickal was able to disengage and bring the fight back to the feet, and the competitors spent much of the match looking for takedown opportunities. Ryan was able to attempt two solid shots, but Nickal quickly and effectively sprawled and avoided Ryan’s baiting opportunities.

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Bo threw him for 5 😳 @nobickal1

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Photo by: Hosanna Rull

Nickal was eventually able to get two points for taking Ryan down, and as he pushed forward into Ryan’s guard, Ryan trapped an arm and appeared to be going for a sweep before throwing up a triangle over his opponent. Nickal attempted to slam his way out, but the submission was locked in, and Ryan won the match via triangle-armbar.

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