Gordon Ryan: All UFC Fighters Should Make Enough To Live Comfortably


Danaher Death Squad member and EBI 6 Champion, Gordon Ryan, is no fan of the UFC, at least not the way it treats its fighters.

Recently on Facebook, Ryan reposted a video from the MMA news site, Bloody Elbow. The video shows stills of fighters alongside quotes they made criticizing the UFC.

Above the video, Gordon had this to say about the world’s biggest MMA promotion:

This is terrible. the Ufc is considered by most the highest level of mma. To be a ufc fighter and make less money in a FIGHT then I do in a single grappling match is horrible. These guys dedicate their whole life to this and some of them walk away after a fight without profit after expenses. This isn’t how it should be. McGregor started by getting paid.. paid a lot. The same thing should trickle down to all the fighters and everyone should get paid more. Ufc is a big enough organization now where all of the fighters should be able to live comfortably just by fighting.

Is Gordon Ryan right about the UFC? Should Conor McGregor’s paychecks trickle down to other fighters?