Grappling Industries Reveals New Website And Possible New Tournament

If you compete locally in jiu-jitsu with any frequency, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about Grappling Industries’ campaign to become the biggest, most active tournament circuit in the world. From their aggressive expansion into the USA to their ever-changing rule set entirely devised to give their customer base what they want, Grappling Industries is on the cutting edge.

Yesterday evening, they released their new website (still found at,) and along with it a teaser to something new: at the bottom of the page a simple icon can be found “Only Submission Only.”

I reached out to Marcos Flores and David Aguzzi and received no comment on what precisely this means about whether the Organization is starting a new promotion entirely, but when perusing social media, I found these two accounts:


On OSO’s Facebook account, the only text reads as follows:

“OSO – Only Submission Only are BJJ Gi and NoGi tournaments that are true Submission Only and No Time Limit!

We are removing the equation of referee scoring, points, and time from the BJJ Gi and NoGi tournament world!



The submission-only movement has crept forward with a clear caveat: no major tournament offers true submission-only matches with no time limit. Most sub-only competitions offer it in the form of modified overtime rules and/or judges’ decisions. We will release more information as it arises.

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