IBJJF To Start Allowing Reaps And Heel Hooks, Will Offer Cash Prizes To All Adult Black Belt Gold Medalists And More!

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation has a long history of upsetting their customers.  From a restrictive rule set to the fact that their highest level champions are not paid cash prizes but instead only given a medal and a refund for their entry, the IBJJF has drawn a lot of ire.  Early this morning it was announced that there would be some major changes made to the IBJJF and their rule set.

  1. Starting April 7th, reaping and heel hooks will be allowed in the brown and black belt divisions.  With a long history of contention the IBJJF has finally decided to do away with their oppressive reaping rules and have decided to allow higher level practitioners access to the entire human body, including the knee.  This is a huge departure for the IBJJF and there has already been some speculation about people pulling their support from the organization.
  2. No more advantages for finals!  The IBJJF has often been critiqued for allowing high level matches to be decided by an “almost”.  This will be no more. The new rule set will have rounds similar to EBI rules, but there will be more positional options like the triangle position with the person being attacked posturing up and a Kimura position.  Advantages will still be used in the preliminary rounds to save time, but the finals will feature this new match deciding method to allow the winner to be 100% objective and unbiased.
  3. Cash Prizes for all adult black belt gold medalists.  The exact pay structure has not been announced yet, but the IBJJF has hinted that this new opportunity will make it so that black belts who win five or more gold medals in the IBJJF over the course of a year will receive a payout that will allow them to compete professionally.  They have also hinted that the cash prize for a Mundials champion at the black belt level will be over $100,000.00.

The Jiu-jitsu Times had an opportunity to chat with Carlos Gracie Jr., who essentially owns the IBJJF, and he revealed some crucial insights into this monumental change.

The IBJJF has been collecting competitor money for years, storing it in our coffers.  A while ago I realized that if we’re going to be the biggest jiu-jitsu organization we absolutely must pay our highest competitors enough so that they don’t have to compete in other organizations.

These new rules and pay structure will allow competitors to truly shine on our stage.  We will finally have the respect of ALL of the camps in the jiu-jitsu world.


April 7th will usher in a major change to the jiu-jitsu world.  Stay tuned for more developments.

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