Jake Shields Defeats Dillon Danis, Asks For Jon Jones Match

Jake Shields has defeated Dillon Danis at Submission Underground 4.

Both fighters took the opposite strategy as Paulo Miyao, opting to wrestle their way to a takedown rather than sit to guard.

After about five minutes of stand up grappling, Shields nailed a single leg, but Dillon locked in a guillotine. He wasn’t able to get it, though.

The two fought in Dillon’s guard for a bit, but Dillon kicked his way out.

Shields landed another single leg and again Danis locked on a guillotine.


Both fighters were back up, and this time Dillon opted for a jumping, standing guillotine, which Jake was forced to struggle his way out of. Regulation ended with Danis working for a leg lock.

During overtime, neither fighter was able to hold the back for long, forcing both fighters to opt for an armbar attempt. Neither fighter got the tap, but Shields hung on longer, earning himself the win.

Despite all of the trash talking, Shields had nothing but respect for Danis, saying he would love to come back to Submission Underground — this time against former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones. Shields joked that he’d have a better chance against him in a grappling match than he would in an MMA match.

Considering the wrestling background that both of those men have, that would certainly make for an interesting match.


Could we have another possible Submission Underground 5 main event on our hands?


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