Jiu-Jitsu Documentary “Non-Essential” Takes Intimate Look at How Academies Are Handling Closures

The mass closure of schools during the Covid-19 pandemic presents a unique challenge to academy owners with respect to keeping their livelihoods open.

Hector Beltran, a Checkmat Jiu-Jitsu black belt, is setting out on documenting how this unprecedented world event is effecting people within the community. In the first episode of “Non-Essential”, he interviews Professor Leo Vieira to discuss some of the logistical hurdles Leo has had to face in the midst of his academy forcing to take time off.

One thing that Vieira talks about that stands out is the notion that he knows he has students that are trying to compete throughout this time and he demonstrates ambivalent views towards the phenomenon, understanding that jiu-jitsu is the most important thing in many of his students lives but balancing that with his need to make responsible decisions as a whole. He recalls his trip to China in November 2019 and how there was no sign of worry at that point, things would evolve over the coming months though forcing him to keep in touch with his black belts around the world to make sure they were making the right decisions for their respective academies.

It is a difficult position to be in as the head of a multinational team such as Checkmat and this episode takes a closer look at how Professor Vieira looks to plan and move ahead with respect to the recent worldwide developments.

Check it out below:

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