Kid Destroys Bully With Punch And Double Leg


Bully got dropped by a kid wearing 2 pair of shorts! You just never know who you messin with

Just like GSP punch Double Leg then punch lol


  1. Kid showed some awesome discipline! He could have kept raining fury on dudes face… But he gained positive control over the situation and walked away once he knew he was not getting up to retaliate! Nice! If you want to talk the talk… Make sure you can walk it too!

  2. Dicipline is walking away.. this was a suckered punch and totally not judo or jiu-jitsu. . This is just hateful as ndvugly. Looked like he really hurt that kid.. this is not something to celebrate or be proud of.. be accountable and decernful. Must grow Up. Loose EGO.

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