Kung Fu vs Jiu Jitsu Full Contact

Kung Fu is a respected martial art skill but it has nothing on the swift and accurate jiu-jitsu style. How so? In 10 years of Kung vs. 10 years of jiu-jitsu bout, a jiu-jitsu fighter will have the upper hand thanks to the multiple combinations of skill and tact taught in jiu-jitsu.
In the video, right from the first round the jiu-jitsu fighter locks a guillotine choke on his opponent who gives in immediately. You also notice the kung Fu fighter trying to poke the eyes of his jiu-jitsu opponent which again proves to be ineffective as the jiu-jitsu fighter is too quick.
Verdict: 10 years of Jiu-Jitsu training is superior to 10 years of Kung Fu, because jiu-jitsu doesn’t depend on kicks alone but on an array of quick skills that catches opponents by surprise.


  1. If you knew the back story to this you would enjoy this video so much more. Maynard talks about it on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

  2. Kung Fu is an umbrella term. The guy passing as a Kung Fu artist doesn’t show 10 years of experience…. It’s not about style, it’s about the artist…

  3. It’s sad that all these martial arts put down each other just from a Gracie challenge or challenges like this. All arts have their own place and can learn from each other…each has their positives and drawbacks. Kung Fu styles have “guillotines” in their arsenal as well as throws. So, some of the BJJ moves can be attributed to Kung Fu. But you know what, it doesn’t matter…they are all martial arts and are all good.

  4. Kung Fu is an American term and a generic one at that. There are many styles within Kung Fu including grappling. Wushu and Wing Chun are only in the forefront because of movies.

  5. Yeah, taking the fact that they both have “10 years experience” The “Kung Fu” guy is out of shape compared to the Jiu-jitsu due. Big time. Having said that, at least twice the kung fu guy could have wrecked the jiu jitsu guy with elbows, but he didn’t swing them, just pushed with them as it was a “friendly” BJJ guy would have won overall, but this wasn’t a fair comparison.

  6. I only train in BJJ and my cousin in Hong kong only train Sada which is a style of Kung Fu which is similar to kick boxing. They manage their distance very well and kicks hard as ****, aint nothing like what u just saw on the top. If you dont get a take down in they will leg kick you n body shot u all day. We can not talk down to other material arts. BJJ is great n I love it with all my heart, but we must be open minded.

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