The Man Who Owes His Life To Jiu-Jitsu; From Drug Addict To BJJ Instructor

As a twist on traditional news headlines, we are going to highlight a man who owes his life to jiu-jitsu.

This person showed typical life struggles and refused to give in or give up. Discovering Brazilian jiu-jitsu was the best thing that happened in his life.

Meet Chris Pike.

Chris was raised by teen parents.  Before his father took his own life, he regularly abused his mother in front of the boy. Naturally, Chris had a hard time making friends, and homeless, meth, and gangs became part of his life.


But rather than let those stop him, they fueled his desire to find something better in life. That “something” was jiu-jitsu, and it elevated him to a career he never thought he could have. It also provided inner peace.


Now he’s living the jiu-jitsu life as a teacher in California.

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