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Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie Kenmore 17 Microwave
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One of the fighting world's best testaments to sheer will and skill came when Brazilian Jiujitsu master Royce Gracie faced off against the Japanese catch wrestling darling Kazushi Sakuraba during the Pride Grand Prix quarterfinals. From the onset, the Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Royce Gracie bout had been hyped as a major event, with Sakuraba looking to show the world what Japanese fighters could do against the perceived best in the business. Sakuraba had previously beaten Royler Gracie, and Royce stepped up, determined to defend his family's honor. Special rules were in effect during the fight: there would be no time-limit and no referee stoppage and that the match could only end via submission or knock out.
Royce Gracie wore a gi during the fight, a decision that would have significant effect as the fight went on. The fight ended in the 6th round when Gracie's corner threw in the towel, thus creating the legend of Sakuraba as a "Gracie Hunter".






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