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Leandro Lo: Talk About A Sugar Rush Kenmore 17 Microwave
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Leandro Lo is widely considered to be one of the greatest fighters in Copa Podio history and he is the current lightweight champion. Following a title defense set for January 9th, Lo will be starting to compete in grand prix tournaments in both the middleweight and heavyweight divisions. In order to properly make the weight, which he will have to gain, he has enlisted the help of a team on nutritionists. However, there may be one thing holding the champion back from gaining the weight properly, which is that Leandro Lo Drinks 2 litters of coke a day. 
Now, in theory, drinking that much coke a day is a way to actually gain weight, but it is not the healthy way for a fighter to gain weight as he moves up weight classes. Lo has stated in videos and other interviews that kicking his obviously huge habit of drinking soft drinks will be a challenge. Currently, Lo has been keeping to his weight gaining plan, because in the end, he wants to gain lean muscle instead of worthless fat. A lot of competitors in combat sports have some bad habits when it comes to weight cutting and/or weight gain, but Leandro Lo may have the worst habit of all.

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