“Older” Grapplers: Stop Comparing Yourself To The Young Guns


“Comparison is the thief of joy,” said Teddy Roosevelt and, since then, 1000 memes misquoting him. And it’s true. But when you’re a fit, fast, and focused 30something+ getting bypassed in rolls and competitions by young guns who started training after you did, it can be challenging to form confidence in your own ability and practice.

Chewjitsu gets it. And he has some encouraging words “older” practitioners may want to hear before heading to open mat to get smoked by teenagers and twentysomethings who still smell like the night before or the air mattress they woke up on.

If you have a career, relationships, family, health condition, or interests outside of jiu-jitsu, consider yourself lucky–they’re actually worth a lot more than medals:

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