One of the Best Gis Out There? Maximus Kimonos


Who Runs it:

A relatively small company, Maximus Kimonos, is run by third degree black belt Brad Hatcher of Hatcher Martial Arts. Hatcher received his black belt from Luiz Palhares and Rickson Gracie back in 2003, making him a 12 year black belt.


Maximus Kimonos has a few selections of gi weaves to choose from. The one I tried out is a pearl weave. The jacket is light, yet insanely durable. (They also have gold weave if that’s your preference).












It comes with patches in the shoulders, and some versions come with the lapel patch as well. I personally enjoy the shoulder patch, because it actually makes the gi more difficult to grip when an opponent tries to choke using the shoulder material.

The lightness of the gi is immediately noticeable. Another pleasant thing I noticed was the perfect sizing. Every gi company sizes just a little bit differently, but this one was absolutely the most perfect fit I have ever had from any gi of any brand.

The sleeves are not too long or too short, and there is just the perfect amount of material to wrap the gi around yourself.


Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.23.08 AMScreen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.23.24 AM









The pants are reinforced in all of the right spots. The crotch won’t rip out after a few months of training and the knees have just enough extra material to avoid wear. However, they also keep the pants just light enough that you won’t feel bogged down by them during a roll. The pant legs are also not overly-long or short, but are near perfect, and match up to IBJJF sizing standards.


Maximus Kimonos also produces something called the Sleeve Gripper.












They are exactly what they sound like. They are sleeves that have been modified to wrap around a weight, or a pull-up bar so you can build grip strength with them. I used mine to wrap around some dumbbells for farmer walks.

Because the ends of the sleeve grippers are actual sleeves, you can use a pistol grip or a cuff grip just as you would during an actual match.


I would recommend the Maximus Kimono over almost any other gi out there. It’s solid, durable, light, and is run by a very top-notch individual. Be sure to visit them at: or visit them on Facebook.



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