Product Review: JitsGrips!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about a product I received in the mail because I think everyone should be aware about it. You may have heard of it, or seen it….maybe you even have a pair. I am talking about JitsGrips.
In Jiujitsu we all know, or should know, how vital grip strength is. Whether you are a casual BJJ practitioner or a seasoned competitor you know grips are an essential part of the sport, and therefore you should want to have top level gripping. JitsGrips is a fantastic tool to work on just that.
I think my favorite aspect of this tool is the fact that it’s made with real Gi material for the most realistic effect. The two Pearl Weave Gi sleeves have reinforced cuffs making them extremely durable. Being that they’re connected to a latex resistance band, you can use these on other equipment as well! Strap them on to a pull up bar or a machine at the gym, or just use them by themselves. Regardless, they’re versatile which is great and always provide a really good workout.
There are times when we all can’t make every single Jiujitsu practice; maybe some of you have families, or stressful jobs. JitsGrips allows you to work on your gripping even when you aren’t in the gym. You don’t need another actual training partner around to take these out and get to work. Not only does it help with your grips, but you can also work technique and position with them.
I highly recommend this tool to anyone who takes their training seriously. I also think it would be a good idea for coaches to have a few pairs of these in the gym for extra practice. Only beneficial progress can come with the help of JitsGrips. I have noticed my grip strength vastly increase with the help of these. If you don’t believe me, head to and check out some of the testimonials. You’ll see JT Torres, Bruno Malfacine, and many others all giving this tool their positive words!


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