RESULTS: Lucas Lepri Defeats Davi Ramos At ACB JJ 14 To Win The 75-kg Title

The main event of ACB JJ 14 saw Lucas Lepri go against Davi Ramos in a match that involved a lot of respect and tenacity from both competitors.

The first round was fairly uneventful, with both competitors attempting and defending takedowns. Ramos pulled guard with seconds left to go, but was unable to sweep or submit Lepri before the round ended.

The second round started off very similar to the first, though the action stopped about two minutes in due to an eye poke from Lepri to Ramos. Lepri then pulled guard, and although Ramos attempted to pass, both competitors ended back up on their feet. Ramos pulled guard once again with seconds remaining, and the round once again ended with a score of 0-0.

The third round once again took place mainly on the feet until Ramos pulled guard with seconds left in the round. The first points were scored in the fourth round by Lepri after a single-leg that Ramos attempted to take out of bounds. The round ended with no further points by either competitor as Lepri failed to pass Ramos’ guard and Ramos failed to sweep.


The fifth and final round of the match saw Lepri pull guard before both athletes rolled out of bounds. Lepri then gained another two points with a sweep, but wasn’t able to pass before Ramos returned the fight to the feet. Ramos pulled guard towards the end of the round, but wasn’t able to sweep or submit Lepri.


Lepri won the match and the 75-kg ACB JJ title.

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