Submission Series Pro: The Triumph


With Submission Only Invitationals constantly getting better and better, Submission Series Pro: The Triumph is going to be an amazing event this weekend.   Putting together several “firsts” for the event, it’ll be an opportunity to see the Submission Series format take a few steps forward.

For starters, they will be featuring kids’/teens’ matches. Kids and teens are not generally as physically impressive or accomplished as their adult counterparts, but high level kids will inevitably be creative and have certain athletic abilities that adults no longer possess. The kids’ matches are definitely worth tuning in for.

Sub Series has decided to change the format for the preliminary card to what they’re calling “Rocket Rounds”, namely the rounds are shortened with the winner of the match should it not end in submission decided by crowd cheers. These rocket rounds will have the added element of pressure and crowd involvement that haven’t really been factors in prior incarnations of the event.

Another aspect of this upcoming Sub Series Pro event is that it will feature, for the first time ever, a UFC fighter going up against a BJJ competitor. We’ve seen these sorts of matches on other cards, but submission series pro has a different atmosphere and that atmosphere will likely make this match more exciting than other MMA vs. BJJ matchups in the past.


The appeal of the MMA vs. BJJ matchup is that very often MMA fighters, particularly those who make it to the UFC are freak athletes with exceptional grappling skills. Let’s face it; the early UFCs were interesting because they pitted very different fighters against each other. This match reverts back to that allowing fans to see someone of a pure jiu jitsu background face someone of an MMA background (with an understanding of jiu jitsu.) Take into account that Nauss is no slouch and the matchup becomes very interesting. Finally factor in the fact that it is a no gi matchup giving the natural edge to the MMA fighter.

Remember; because it’s Submission Series Pro each match is carefully setup to maximize the likelihood of it ending in submission. The key question is: who’s going to be the winner of each match. Do you have any predictions?

Submission Series Pro: The Triumph will be on September 12th and unlike other submission only invitationals it will be available for free to the jiu jitsu world. As a community we will have two events available to us over the weekend. Fortunately through the magic of the internet we can watch both.

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