The Most Important 6 Submissions that White Belts Should Learn in Bjj


Just how many submissions (and their variations!) are there in brazilian jiu-jitsu?

So the question becomes which submissions should the beginning student of bjj concentrate on when they start?

A) It is important to know at least 1 submission from the most common positions in bjj.
B) It helps if that submission can be used for self defence, training with or without the gi.
C) Helpful if that same submission can be performed from a number of different ground positions (ex. top and guard)

1) Straight Armlock From Mount
Roger Gracie uses this “basic” submission against world level black belts.
Armbar From Cross Collar Setup:


2) Triangle from Guard
If you have long legs and like to fight from your guard, THIS is going to be your move.
Gracie Barra’s Draculino shows the basic triangle from guard with some great tips:


3) Kimura from side Control
Grapplearts black belt Stephan Kesting shows how and WHY (bet you didn’t know the why!) to grip the kimura from side control.
Of course, you can also attack kimura from the guard, half guard, mount….


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