Triangle Modification Variation: Armless Triangle/The Rexangle/Ghetto Triangle

Opportunities for conventional triangle submissions do not always present themselves as regularly as we would like. The good news is that through the evolution of the Jiu-Jitsu art form we have seen various triangle modifications get discovered such as those of the armless persuasion. What’s even more spectacular is that those modifications have their own variations.

Triangle Modification Variation: Armless Triangle/The Rexangle/Ghetto Triangle

Take heed to the basic principles of an Armless Triangle:


Lagacy Fighting Championship 14 saw Jeff Rexroad pull off a come from behind victory against Lucas Borges using his version of an Armless Triangle. 10th Planet’s Eddie Bravo has named the slick submission the ‘Rexangle’:


Check out Jeff Rexroad as he breaks down the Rexangle:

Another armless triangle variation called the ‘Ghetto Triangle’ is very similar to the Rexangle. Watch Crazy Bob’s House of Death demonstrate their application of the technique in part 1 and what to do if your opponent attempts to pick you up in part 2:


Now take these tech tips to the mat and see if you can get a tap.


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