Watch Renzo Gracie and Pat Miletech Appear on 60 Minutes in 2006


While the UFC and MMA is currently covered by ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports, it wasn’t too long ago that it was still considered human cockfighting by mainstream America. Back in 2006, CBS’s 60 Minutes produced one of the first mainstream news profiles of MMA legends Renzo Gracie and Pat Miletech as the two men prepared for their fight in The International Fight League. In the piece, both Miletech and Gracie give their thoughts on martial arts, and the mental and physical aspects of the sport. Miletech used the analogy of comparing boxing to MMA as checkers to chest. Renzo talks about the technical aspects of the sport and why he has a photo of Sakuraba beating him in his New York City academy. Great piece down memory lane.

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