Which Martial Art Is King Of The Streets?

Firas Zahabi And GSP

Which martial art is king of the streets? There are several types of martial arts, though only a few of them can be used in the street. Listed below are six of the recommended styles:
1. ARNIS: Knife skills, which are lethal on the streets.
2. KOBUDO: Fighting with weapons.
3. GRACIE JIU-JITSU: Proven effective on the streets.
4. DIRTY BOXING: (Trap or clinch boxing) Moves that cannot be used in the ring.
5. KRAV MAGA: Knife and gun defenses:
6. MUAY THAI: Combat art emphasizing conditioning and training.
You should always remember that, the more sweat you have in the gym, will be the less blood you will have in the street.