Your Grappling Dummy May Not Be Helping Your Jiu-Jitsu As Much As You Think

Grappling dummy manufacturers are likely seeing a significant surge in purchases over the past few weeks as more and more jiu-jitsu practitioners search desperately for tools that can help them keep training BJJ while gyms are closed. But is a grappling dummy (homemade or purchased) really going to help you progress when you’re away from the mats?

According to black belt Nick “Chewy” Albin, the answer is “probably not.” In his latest video, Chewy makes the argument that drilling with a grappling dummy isn’t the best way to improve your solo jiu-jitsu when compared to other activities like focusing on your diet, doing strength and conditioning, trying meditation, and studying match footage. Check out his argument below and see if you agree with him:


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